Associations Two variables are associated, statistically dependent, if one of the variables says something about the other, and this can range from nothing to everything. Correlated variables are always dependent, but dependent variables are not necessarily correlated because correlation refers to linear relationships. It is, for example, easy to show that the two mathematically coupled… Continue reading Associations


pdfgrep It is important to check the statistical terminology in manuscripts as this often reveals confusion and misunderstandings. However, the terminology is often not prioritized by reviewers, and corrections are not always appreciated. Nevertheless, the ideal scientific writing is clear, specific, and unambiguous. The reader does not have to guess what the author really means,… Continue reading pdfgrep

Review outcomes

Review outcomes When having reviewed a manuscript, the reviewer is often requested to provide the editorial office with a summary recommendation of the manuscript. The alternatives are usually accept minor revision major revision reject and resubmit reject The exact alternatives and definitions of the alternatives differ between editorial offices, but the recommendations accept and reject… Continue reading Review outcomes